Building Connections

Amsterdam International Community School

About the project

Pupils from Amsterdam International Community School designed a collaborative lighting installation for their new school library. The focus of this installation is to create a visual connection and conversation between the new school building and the local community.

MATT+FIONA and the artist Haidee Drew worked with a group of young designers from the school to create and cast their own unique jesmonite ‘nodes’ and to design a system for suspending and lighting the installation. The final installation was built over 2 days with the young designers in the library space, where it is now a permanent feature.

In Feburary 2024 we were back again in Amsterdam working with a new group of students in the AICS southeast campus to co-design and build a second installation, which continues the theme of connecting the school with the wider community. The use of the same materials as our previous project also contributes to the shared identity of the school across its various campuses.



(Rows 1-2 images from 2024 | rows 3-4 images from 2023)

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