How many young people today, do you think, look around them and feel like they have had a say in what they see?

 At MATT+FIONA we ask young people how their built environment might be improved and empower them to bring that vision to life.

We do this in three keys ways: BUILD, LEARN, CONNECT

BUILD gives young people the opportunity to make and shape their own spaces. They set the brief for them, design them, and then – where possible – directly fabricate those places. We think there is no substitute for this first-hand experience, where children and young people are at the centre of every stage. 

LEARN enables more young people to experience the ‘BUILD’, through the process of ‘training the trainer’ – teachers, youth workers and other built environment professionals – and ensuring follow up pathways into extended learning and apprenticeships.

CONNECT supports place-makers to bring young people’s voices to the table when making the decisions about our future neighbourhoods.





Safeguarding + Privacy Policies

These documents set out MATT+FIONA’s policies in relation to the welfare of children.

MATT+FIONA Safeguarding Policy – Nov 23

MATT+FIONA Privacy Policy-Oct 2022

MATT+FIONA Volunteer Code of Conduct

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